"I wanted to share my ACT scores with you: composite score of a 34 with sub-scores of 36 in English, 35 in Math, 33 in Reading, and 32 in Science.  I'm so excited by the score, and I know that there's no way I would have done so well without your class.  You gave me not only knowledge but also valuable tips on how to handle the stress and quick pace of the ACT.  I just wanted to thank you for all the work you've put in to make kids succeed on the test."  Basia - Menomonee Falls

"What an excellent resource my son was able to use to improve his ACT score - he improved from 31 to 35!  The materials and teacher were beneficial. I would recommend this class to anyone!"
Tracy - Germantown

“Thank you SO much for all the tips and kindness you shared with me! I will gladly go out of my way to recommend the ACT prep course to all other students! The class was awesome and wholly worth the time and effort. Thank you so much.”
Nate - Germantown

“I remember walking out of the high school after taking the ACT® and thinking, ‘I don’t know what I would have done without the ACT® Prep class.’”
Matt – Menomonee Falls

“The ACT® Prep course really did help me prepare for the test. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers. It’s nice to have teachers who really care about their students.” Jason – Hamilton/Sussex

"The money I spent on the Wisconsin Test Prep class was some of the best money I have spent on academics, because without it I would not have an ACT score that would allow me to gain admittance to my first choice college or direct admittance to the Kelley School of Business at Bloomington, which has ACT specific criteria." Will - Menomonee Falls

“I feel this class really has better prepared me for taking the ACT®. The information handed out and the class being spread out over a few weeks really helped. My scores have already improved in the practice tests. Thank you very much for taking the time to work with us!” Anonymous – Racine Case

“I recently found out my ACT® score and I really wanted to share it with you because your class really helped. I got a 35. I went up five points!!! Again I really think your class helped a lot to raise my score that much. Thanks.” Katie – Brookfield East

"I just checked my ACT scores and I have good news. On the English section I scored a 36. math 34, reading and science 36. I got a 36 composite score! Your class helped so much. I couldn't have done it without you!"  Dane - West Bend

"I just received a 34 on my February test. All of my subscores rose by 4 or more (reading by 8). Thank you so much for offering the prep class because I know I wouldn't have done so well without it!" Hailey - Menomonee Falls

"Taking the ACT class bumped my reading up 4 points.  The helpful strategies shared during this class made all the difference.  Taking the class also helped me with pacing for math.  I improved by 5 points in both math and science.  I recommend this class for anyone looking to improve their ACT score.  It made a difference for my future options!" Max - Town of Erin

"The confidence my son gained from taking this ACT class has truly impacted his future in a positive way.  He learned many strategies, which allowed him to demonstrate his knowledge of English, math, reading and science. It helped raise his score enough to open more doors and opportunities for furthering his education. I recommend this course to students of all score ranges, if you are looking to increase your score." Lynn - mother of two