About the Course

The Wisconsin Test Prep course consists of seven sessions that focus on all four ACT® test subject areas. Because our curriculum uses actual ACT® test problems, students gain a distinct competitive edge on test day. For those students choosing to take the writing test, we include preparation during the reading session.

Session 1 Students take ACT® pretest and learn test-taking strategies
Session 2 Focus on English content area
Session 3 Focus on Math content area
Session 4 Focus on Math content area
Session 5 Focus on Reading/Writing content area
Session 6 Focus on Science content area
Session 7 3-1/2 hour practice ACT® test

After students take tests, they get correct answers and explanations for each question. For their final session, students take a three-hour practice ACT® test on a Saturday – like “test-driving” the real thing! Then students learn their scores and correct answers…the best way to prepare for the actual test.

Who are your instructors?
All Wisconsin Test Prep faculty members are professional licensed teachers with specialized test prep training. 

Where can you take classes?
Take any session at any school on schedules listed.

How much do classes cost?
Our classes are affordable — $165 covers all seven weeks.


Wisconsin Test Prep Brochure - .pdf file

Wisconsin Test Prep Brochure (Men. Falls only) - .pdf file


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